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3D Lighting and Texturing Services

3D Lighting and texturing an object is the process of mapping a 2D (or sometimes 3D) image onto a 3D model so that you can achieve much higher detail in the model without using a lot of vertices. Lighting is required to set the mood for a scene. Lighting also provides a cue to the eye what the direction and shape of an object has. With the correct use of lighting we can make a scene dark and gloomy or bright and cheery.

3D Lighting and Texturing

Our extensive selection of styles, colours and textures is only the beginning of what makes Animation299 wall panels stand out. Nothing matches the fun of breaking boundaries and creating characters beyond the graphics, vertexes and joint. We possess a highly creative team of architects and drafters at Animation299 that can provide you with exceptional 3D modelling services for any project. Our outstanding skills are matched by our technology and experience to fasten up your product development process through 3D Modelling and texturing.

What our team possess:

  • Experience in 3Ds Max.
  • Experience in 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Rendering etc.
  • Good visualization skills to convert concepts into a visual medium
  • Full Flash Website
  • Should be able to understand a storyboard (SB) and able to visualize and execute the concept described in the SB.
  • Ability to grasp quickly and enthusiasm to work on different projects and software.
  • Schedule adherence in delivering projects.

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