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Skeletal Animation Services

Skeletal animation is also known bone-based animation is one of the popular technologies in computer animation. In this animation technique, the object has two major components: a surface representation utilized to create the object (skin, character, mesh) and collection of interconnected bones is used to animate the particular surface (skeleton, rig). Skeletal animation is usually used to animate characters, but it can also be used animate any non-living thing or anything that you want to animate. After defining the two parts, the skeletal animation can be used for animating trees, cars, doors, birds, doors, etc. This bone animation is based on building a simple skeleton that can fit the important parts of your animated object. There are various software available in the market based on skeletal animation, which are relatively easy-to-use and can simulate any object, including from living things to any non-living things. Finalizing a skeleton for character and other objects is the first step in the skeletal animation development.

Skeletal Animation Services

At Animation299, we have a team of well experienced and highly skilled animators. We follow the below steps to create the most effective and innovative skeleton animation:

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The skeleton is the most important object in a skeletal animation system. A skeleton is a collection of bones which can be hierarchical arranged. Generally, an object has few important vertexes (joints).


After selecting a skeleton, the rigging step comes in. This suggests the exact place for bones by resembling with a real world skeleton. Each bone must be connected to its relevant part of the object being animated.


A key frame in skeleton animation is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of a smooth transition. A sequence of key frames decides the flow of final animated product. The proper transition between the key frames can be done by applying geometric transformations like rotation, scaling and translation.

Final Outcome:

After designing object, key frames and rigging, the animation looks good while playing in the loop.

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