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Video Production Services

Creating a corporate professional video can require a lot of patience, time, and right effort, not to mention creativity! Also, it must be noted that owning a video camera is different from creating aesthetically pleasing videos. Animation299 is a full-service video production company in Miami. We help businesses, organizations & brands achieve their goals through video content and music that engages inspires and compels. Many people receive varied responses from amateur, freelance and intern videographer. Hence, it is very important that professional video production services are a must in the making of a premium firm. We at Animation299 offer turnkey, scalable, and best fit services at your doorstep!

Mass engaging Video Marketing

As the time is digitalizing the way of communication online is trending through video marketing. Starting from commercial video, promotional video or corporate video, this has become the apt way of approaching the masses and presenting your product or services more effectively. Moreover the YouTube trend is catching eyes, so marketing your video on other sites like YouTube is a great way to publicize your company, improve user-experience, and ultimately enhance your company’s presence in search engines. Being compared Video click-through-rates are much higher than image-based advertisements or content. And talking about catching the eyes comparably websites with video content generally have more repeated visitor rate than other websites.

Video Production Services Features:

Cost Effective:

It is the truth that our services offer a lot more than what our clients pay for. The services are very feasible to even the most average client. This enables in the creation of a product that the client beams at with pleasure and at the same time is a cheap source of addiction. In other words, our video production services company offer more benefits than you can shake a stick at! If money is taken as the crux, then look no further than Animation299! Giving a contract to an agency is certainly cheaper than giving a job to an on payroll employee.


Our Creative Artists pride themselves for being original to the hilt. In fact, many creative ideas that come out of the woodwork are the brainchild of our creative geniuses. Originality is all about being able to tell a story across various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Face Book, WhatsApp, and so on. What better way to do this than video production services.


If you want to campaign your business on Social media like Instagram that only allows a specific length of the video to be posted, then-campaign animation video made in whiteboard structure can be attractive as well as fit into social media regulations. It is an effective way of promoting your services on social networks.

Training Animation Videos:

It pays to be professional when the time is right. That is why, we at Animation299 pride ourselves for developing customized and optimized solutions. A company employee can never give the type and level of service that a professional can give. The reason is that while a professional has the global view and perspective, the in-house employee may think only from the ‘toad in the well’ perspective.

The 3 E’s:

We are not only the king but also the kingmaker. All of the animations and video production services created by us help stimulate the global competition in branding, digital marketing and advertising. Whatever people may say about us, we are concerned and focused only on the 3 E’s namely: Education, Entertainment and Empowerment.

High Longevity:

It is very important to understand that we are there to guide you till the far side of the earth. Considering the removing of a video from Google requires an executive order, it’s safe to assume that a video will remain for a long time to come. A video has the capacity to surpass many time zones, geographical barriers, not to mention eras and ages!

Facilitating Ecommerce:

It is very advantageous that a video is one-click away from the ‘buy’ button. Animation videos can be used as explanatory in the sense that they can explain the e-commerce methodology in detail…

Therefore, instead of wasting time in creating a ‘not-so- impressive’ video, why not order a palpable video from professionals who promise to make your brand to come alive! With a proven track record and a portfolio worth referring over and over again… Animation299 is your one-stop shop for video production services!

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