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Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion Animation is one of the popular animation techniques that actually manipulate an object so that it looks moving on its own. The object moves in little increments between two photographed frames to create an illusion of motion when the series of frames run as an incessant sequence. Many non-living things such as dolls and clay figures are often used in this animation technique for easy repositioning. Apart from this, the animator uses household appliances, humans and other things for comedic effect. Not all stop motion animation needs objects or models, but many stop motion films involve them and these object oriented stop motion animation is also referred as object animation.

Stop Motion Animation Services

Increasing Demand of Motion Videos

Many animation techniques used in movie and TV show production are rapidly making their way into the mainstream, especially with stop motion animation video production. The trend of using stop motion is because many major companies have realized that online buyers are looking for the quickest way to know about any brand. Also, these short animated videos are replacing the television commercials. Most of the TV commercials are one to two minutes long and demands to pay more attention, whereas stop motion videos is of six seconds and easy to determine if they contain some important messages.

Give Life to Your Powerful Storyline

In this growing digital world, it is very important to use these micro-videos in online marketing campaign. We believe the use of stop motion animation videos can prove to be more relevant to online consumers in the upcoming years.Consequently, the Animation299 specializes in creating compelling 6 second video that connects you with diverse audiences through various channels such as television, YouTube, etc. These videos are very short and the use of printed words and audio and visual elements must be right on target. Our finely crafted stop motion video will be so short and attractive so that web consumers won’t mind watching it and sharing with their friends over the internet.

Working Culture at Animation299

At Animation299, we have a team of creative players dedicated to stop motion animation production. Although a normal user could develop stop motion videos by a Smartphone camera, we use more advanced equipment to create more effective stop motion videos. Before starting actual filming process, we sit and discuss with our clients about their brand and learn about the marketing objectives. We keep the target audience in mind while making stop motion videos. Consider all these points; we start with developing storyboards to finalize the sequence of your micro-video.

Why Choose Animation299 as your Stop Motion Video Development Partner?

At Animation299, we help the brands to create stopping motion video to promote their business. After listing to the client’s requirements, target audience and gathering other important details we write the story board and once the story gets finalized, we start with video development process. You can select Animation299 to create your stop motion video as we have a team of top-notch animated video makers. A few seconds video created in our location and studio can help you improve your company's relevance to consumers with imagery and storytelling.

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