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Drawn-on-film Animation Services

Drawn-on-film animation is one of the traditional methods of animation. In this technique the object is directly drawn on the film reel, using several tools, methods and techniques. The drawn-on-film animation skips the whole process of photographing, cel animation, video sequencing and other modern processes. Instead, it imposes the animated figures directly on the each frame of a film reel.

How Does Drawn on the Film Animation Works

The animators can use either developed (black) or undeveloped (blank) film in small or large sizes; which is best suitable for their technique. The film reel is put down across the work surface and fixed into the place. After placing the film, the animator works from frame to frame to design image on each tiny frame, managing reel with each sequential frame to display the motion.

The major benefit of drawn-on-film animation is that it's comparatively inexpensive and it does not need complex camera arrays, expensive software or thousands of cells. A few sample images and etching tools, a projector and a roll of film, can be sufficient to let an animator discover their capabilities and play with a wholly medium. The simplicity of this animation allows the animator to be more innovative and creative in storytelling through animated images or videos.


Why Choose Animation299 as your drawn-on-film animator partner?


At Animation299, we have a team of expert animators with great precision and talent, who creates the recognizable scribbly, wobbly effect associated with drawn-on-film animations. Here are some other reasons why you should hire us as your animator partner.

Our drawn-on-film animator team strives to offer high- quality services. We have a team of expert animators who have achieved excel in making different styles of animation visuals and still images using the latest technologies. Our team of animators is well-experienced and is always eager to learn new technologies and tools. We offer 24x7 support for all our customers to stay in touch with them during the entire animation development process. We keep trying to make drawn-on-film animation that will meet client expectation and we have a track record of meeting the deadlines.

If you are looking to design some innovative and creative animated videos and images, you can contact Animation299 via call or email.