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Motion Capture Animation Services

Motion capture animation has changed the making process of games, movies, and television shows. Animation 299 specialized in designing 2D and 3D animated character for movie, commercial and emerging forms of media, game development and other using Motion Capture system. We follow the fine motions of human functionality and convert it into a working digital format.

Motion Capture Animation

We incorporate the MoCap technology to our 3D characters, keeping the integrity of the actor’s routine, driven via a character of this world. We at Animation299 design 3d and 2d animated characters that can be used in game engines and movies.

Our Motion Capture Services including Digital Production:

  • Full-performance stages
  • Customized rigs
  • Onsite motion capture
  • Choreographers and Directors
  • Casting services
  • Specialized gear
  • Video / audio ops
  • Data processing

We at Animation299 offer the best motion capture animation service. We offer the unmatched 3D precision, production ready workflows and other motion capture animation services which stand us out from other.

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3D Video Animation
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