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Animation has been a significant part of digital media since 1800s. Even if it is not really a new concept to us, it is not even the most acknowledged concept either. Many people consider animation as just sketching on screen and displaying it in the movie form but it is not just limited to that. Well, animation is surely what we mentioned here but it has a lot more to offer. Animation is the art that has evolved to its best along with the time. From simple cartoon characters to storytelling the groups’ animated video creators have involved in the advertizing campaigns, that is what has led the animation to set foot strong in the market. As it has set the strong foot by now, there is plenty of competition between the companies that are video producing companies. Therefore, Animation299 indulges in the video maker business as an animation video production company amongst the many, yet we stand out as one of the most considered and successful animation companies in the region.

We as Animation299 offer the wide range of services, because we understand that businesses are growing online in this digital world, the marketing tactics are also getting digital. The companies have agreed that there is no better way of representing their brand and ideas in front of the customer but to get it animated. Animation has an incredible potential for storytelling, narration while written words or stories lack to grab instant attention. A short span animation captures instant attention of the audience and it takes fewer efforts to turn an audience into a potential customer. There are plenty of types; animation has evolved into but 2D animation, 3D animation, Whiteboard animation, etc are the business oriented forms of animation. These types of animations help in business growth; therefore, Animation299 offers efficient whiteboard animation and animation designer services.

We're honored amongst our guests for being client- centric and professional in the services we deliver. We offer end to end services that means from a bare idea to a finely produced Video or vitality, we stick to your design. We take your design in our hands from the scrape and we work on it until you get the vitality Video of your vision. Our range of services involves vitality characterization, layout design, plot and script setting, vitality design and different types of vitality Video product that's grounded on the client demand. Our list of services has been proven to be the most accessible over the times of experience with our guests.


Well, from the beginning only, you must have understood that Animation299 is an animation or video production company but there is a lot more than that we have got to offer. We don’t just make videos but we build year’s long relations with our customers. Therefore, we offer services that fit into customer’s choices. Our portfolio exhibits the list of our satisfied customers and their opinions about our services. As animation is not a task, it is a process which takes planning and execution, that is why, we offer the animation making services in the following manner which we call work module or framework.


Idea generation and research: Most of the time the basic idea behind the animation comes from the client itself. The client brings out a raw, fresh idea to us and our task here is to look into the practicality and get it alive on the screen. In order to put life in the raw idea, our team of animators requires to research and check if the idea is realistic. If the technology we have is sufficient to develop a customized video animation of our client’s choice. For example, if a client comes to us for development of a cartoon advertize to promote their products. If he wants whiteboard animation but the idea lacks narration, then our team modifies the idea to bring a storyline to it, so that the video can be grabbed by audience well. In this step, market research, technological availability and practical approach towards the idea is taken care by our animators.
Conceptualization and Scripting: An animation video is a visual story; therefore, the prime step we perform is character conceptualization and dialogue scripting. In order to turn the raw idea into a story, we first design characters. The character appearance, their motion and their dialogues are created in this step on animation. This is basically the stage where our creative animation designers define the flow of the video. There are different types of animation scripting. Our writers and animators follow the mentioned styles of animation scripting, depending on the vide needs.

  1. Stand alone storyline scripting approach: Stand alone storyline approach is basically used for the promotion of products that are fairly unknown to the audience and the tone of narration remains monotonous in such style of scripting. In this script the narrator only describes the product and no bi-directional talks are made.
  2. Problem-focused scripting approach:In this type of scripting, the narrator begins with introducing the audiences to a problem. And then the narration is taken towards discussion type of conversation about finding a solution against the problem. These types of videos are made to spread public awareness, introduce services and put forward the brands.

Voice over: The voice of the animation is narrated by a voice over. Therefore, our team dubs the voice over to narrate the script. It is not easy as you might think. It is much more difficult that just recording the audio. While doing a voice over for an animation we have to make sure the audio matches the motion of a character. Lip-sync is the hard task in voice over. Following things are to focus on while doing a voice over for the animation:

  1. Pace:The speaking pace is important to maintain while matching up with a motion picture. Understandable voice speed, emphasis on the correct words, pronunciation, etc are the things that are managed in this.
  2. Tone: The tone of a video voice makes the true difference on the audience. The advertisement cannot be in monotonous audio tone while problem cannot be discussed in an overly-enthusiastic tone.

Storyboard: Storyboard creation is an essential step followed by our animation designers. In this stage, our animation artists create hand-drawn sketches of the characters in different motion. This sets the mood and layout of the animation video on the storyboard.
Visual Design: The color combination of the video, the visual color tone, light and shadow, etc are the terms taken into consideration in visual design. The overall appearance of the video is defined under this stage.
Animation and editing: The sketches are now animated in a motion picture by implicating animation services like 2D animation services, 3D animation Services, Motion Picture, etc. In this stage all the steps like sketches, voice over, visuals etc are run together on a decided time lapse, which creates the final animation video. Finally the effects like VFX and sound editing etc is performed if required.
As now our animation module is well-persuaded, we would like to mention few extra perks of hiring our animation services:

  • We take zero deposit from our clients. This means you only pay once you like the final video created by us.
  • We offer time efficient services as depending on the intensity and complexity of the idea, we deliver service in less than 4-6 weeks.
  • We offer cost-efficient services, as we give discounts, combo-service packages, etc to make it affordable for our clients.

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